Hair Craze

Hey y'all! Gettin' my hair did tomorrow. This is a way big deal since I honestly have NEVER, EVER in my life scheduled a follow up appointment at my last appointment AND KEPT IT! I'm nervous, too, cause I can picture what I want in Ashleyland and really hope I can get it to reality. We will see. What my hair currently looks like:
Don't mind the picture. That's the best one I could find in ten seconds since I'm on my husband's computer. If I described my hair, I'd say the color is somewhere between ick and barf, and the cut is......well it's there. Only after I turned 18 did I really start growing my hair long. I grew up with the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen short hair craze. I know, I'm sorry, too. So now that I have the long hair, with two kids there are days that I want to just chop it all off, but I know if I did I would TOTALLY regret it the next day. Not to mention, my sexy beast(A.K.A. the Hubs) likes my hair long; he keeps me hip. ;-) So here we go. This is the color I want

Okay stop right there! Sienna: she kills me! If I could look like one celebrity, it would hands down be Sienna Miller. Her style in everything is gorg!
Okay done with my Sienna rant. Back to the color.


Get the picture? Ha Pun intended. I love blonde. I was born blonde so it's in my blood. My sexy beast likes the 'natural' look, so after years of struggling to live peacefully with the brunette locks, it's time to officially kick them to the curb. But, you see, I like the 'natural' blonde look, even though we all know it's just not. I like the brunette under with the blonde flecks glistening in the sunlight. The type of blonde that looks like the sun gave it to you after hours of laying by the ocean with a pink lemonade in your hand-but that's not happening. I need results now, people!
Okay so here's the cut. I decided I want to keep the length but add VOLUME since my hair is so fine and limp. (teasing has become my closest friend)
That's Penelope's sister, Monica. They look like twins, don't they?

Anywho, We'll see how tomorrow is. I'll be sure to post some pics!
Until then, have a great night, and say a prayer for my hair! :)



The foyer is your opportunity to make a good first impression

It defines you, your style, your life(or at least it should)

It could have that one piece you will cherish forever

It can be small

It can be grand!

It can be simple

It can be quirky

But it's probably just perfect for you!

Your foy-your! should be 'the welcoming' for people to know you the second they walk in, because a first impression is always a lasting one.