Jennifer Aniston's staple pieces

Jeans: Billabong, sold out, similar here and here - Top: J. Crew Factory on sale for $15.50, but I bought it in store for $12.50. Just sayin..... - Blazer: Banana Republic via eBay Belt: no clue where it's from. It's been a staple in my closet for years.but I'm totally diggin' this one - Shoes: BCBGeneration via Marshall's - Necklace: Express, years ago(sorry)

I'm sure you're wondering if my shirt if black or navy. Well, to ease your mind and let you get back to your breakfast, I'll go ahead and say it's navy. I know, I know. What am I doing in a navy shirt with a black blazer? Well........whatever the heck I want!!! :) Just like brown, I believe navy goes great these days with black. But don't go blaming it on me if you wear it and it doesn't look good on you.
I know I probably say this a lot, but when you put on an outfit, you feel a certain way. You feel like a famous woman who's style you admire, you feel beautiful, you feel etheral, or you can feel like crap. Whatever you wear, it comes with a feeling; a statement, if you will. My statement for today's look is, "I've seen Jennifer Aniston in so many paparazzi pics of her in the airport in jeans and a blazer I'll look like a chic jet setter, too, if I wear it" look. :) I don't know if everyone feels this way, but anytime I put on a blazer, my look feels more complete. 
I so challenge you to add a classic blazer, black specifically, to your wardrobe. It's a great staple piece that you can have for years and years. Make sure to get only a one or two button blazer. No more, no less. More buttons can look too boxy and out date very quickly. 

Have a splendid day!!!



Dance, Dance!

Top: Abercrombie & Fitch, similar here - Jeggings: Abercrombie & Fitch, but totally digging these and they're only $10 when you use the code extra30 :)  - Vest: bebe, similar here - Flats: Lucky Brand via Marshall's, similar here and here - Necklace: Forever21
On Aubrey: all Target

Since I had a boy first, I always admired how Robey takes after my husband. He ALWAYS copies him. Everything Dewey likes to do(hunting, surfing, anything outdoors) Robey likes to do. Now that I have Aubrey and she is getting older, I absolutely ADORE how she copies me. She is so funny when she doesn't realize that I know that she's copying me. Make sense? It's amazing to see how different God created men and women. To see the boy's heart through Robey helps me better understand my husband, and I think Aubrey's 'ultra-femine-ness' does the same for Dewey to understand me more. They are such a blessing! :)
Have a great weekend!!



I wanna be an Equestrian!

Top: J. Crew (On clearance, too!) but get it in store if you can. I only paid $12 for it - Pants: Zara(few years ago, sorry. BUT, you could just use any thick leggings you already have to complete the look.) - Jacket: Barbour, similar here) - Boots: Enzo Anglioni via Marshall's

How to get the look:
  • Use any black or brown pair of leggings you already have
  • Need two-tone riding style boot
  • Get over-sized earthy toned jacket(preferably quilted) 
  • To make it more modern and 'wearable', keep your hair down and styled. If its pulled up in a pony or bun, it'll look like you just came from a riding competition. ;)
Don't mind the picture with the huge ball of hair bombing my photo sesh. It's just a stray dog my kids keep calling back to our house. No big deal. ;) 
Do you ever get that feeling when you wake up and say, "Today I want to be an Equestrian."? yeah, me neither. :) My outfits just sort of ......evolve. I dress how I want the day of without prior planning(and yet I plan EVERYTHING else in my life) and the outfit just becomes something. Ergo, a horseback riding chick with, dare I say, great hair today! :)  My husband adores this look, too, because it could also double as a hunting outfit, sans my enormous amount of hairspray in my hair. 
Off to get an oil change, homeschool a five year old, and chase a two year old at the dealership. 
Happy Hump Day!! Bet you've never heard that one before.


Pants: GAP in black here, seriously the best fitting pants ever! similar here  - Top: GAP I went 2 sizes up - Shoes: Forever21 - Bag: Forever21 - Bracelet: TJMaxx - Earrings: Express - Trench: Banana Republic, similar here and here


Trousers and Blazer

I hope you don't mind my fuzzy pictures and my lounge chair making a special appearance in this episode of "Ashley pretending to be a legit blogger". I'm sure my two year old helps with the professional look ;)
 Instead of a silly post on where I got what, cause let's face it. I've had all of these pieces for years, I wanted to vent a little. It's hard trying to step out of your comfort zone and pursue a goal/dream/hobby/identity when you have a kids, you're far away, and you save more money than you spend. Don't get wrong! ALL of those things are truly, truly wonderful. I wouldn't trade my kids for all the J.Crew pieces in the world. I love living far away. It's peaceful and quiet unless Robey is rippin on his four wheeler or the neighbor is shooting targets. It's very secure to not live paycheck to paycheck, but there are times, especially when I see other people constantly shopping for new things, I do get a little jealous. "Why can't I be foolish with my money, too?" ;) Hey it's the truth. 
All too often, I get affected by what goes on around me. I see so many people succeeding in their goals and dreams and I'm over here like, "Hey, I can decorate, too!" I don't have a clue who consistently reads these blogs posts, but if you are reading, I really really appreciate it! I'm learning to be thankful with exactly where you are and it's for a reason that God has you in this place. Sometimes it's hard to try and be positive always, but I am thankful for my 5 year old son who takes my pictures, and my husband who is the hardest worker I know who supports us so I can be home with the kids and do silly posts like these every week. I'm thankful that we live far away on a dirt road, otherwise, I'd feel a little odd posing for an iPhone in a cookie cutter neighborhood with the neighbors watching me. And I'm thankful for my 2 year old daughter who always wants to join in my photo shoots and add a little sass. I love my life, my family, and the opportunities that I've been given, big and small, to strive each day to achieve my dream hobby.



Conservative Stripes

Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking: You only have three pictures? How is this even blog worthy?!? Well, fellas, I'm relying on my iPhone and my 5 year old son and multiple editing apps for these shots, so basically, you should be thanking me! ;) I found this top while shopping with a friend last week at LOFT. I have a thing for checking the same pieces I buy and comparing the price in store vs. online. I paid only $12 for it in store(after my additional 50% off clearance) and online it would be $20(after additional 50% off) not inlcuding shipping, yada yada yada. In most cases, buying in store will always be less expensive, but double check before making your purchase. :)
The pants I got at J.Crew (online) last year. In fact, I believe almost exactly a year ago. I remember I only paid $15 or less for these bad boys so I stocked up and got three colors. You always want to wait for the best sales at J. Crew which should actually be happening in the next couple weeks. I'm eyeing the toothpick cords this season so I can wear with some cute booties.
Happy Friday!

Top: LOFT - Cord pants: J. Crew - Shoes: BCBGeneration via Marshall's - Necklace: Banana Republic and on sale!