Pinterest......how I love thee....

Let's talk 'bout it, people! I love Pinterest. It's like a member of the family. I feel like it gives its portion of help to my family. What do I make for dinner tonight, Pinterest? How can I pinch pleat my drapes, Pinterest? And last, but certainly not least, how can I look fashionably great without trying too hard?  Pinterest is the new Google. Well, look no further, people, cause I got your answers. Well, just one answer. We'll worry about the dinner and pinch pleats later on. Back to the important stuff. I came across this pin yesterday while 'Pinteresting'.

Beautiful, right? It's so comfy looking but in a grown up chic way. Then it dawned on me--I wear this all the time.Well not the heels and dress shirt, but my husband's sweater is my favorite piece to wear around the house, but now it was time to step it up and wear it out. I added some heels, curled the hair, and SHAZAAM!!

 Top: Husband's henley, similar here - Jeans: Abercrombie, similar here - Shoes: Forever21 - Bag: Forever21, similar here

       I opted not to wear his dress shirt cause it was just too sloppy feeling on me. Instead, I went with my own black blouse for extra layers in this Florida winter.
While it may not look exactly like the picture, it is a similar "interpretation" of the ensemble. 

*Tip for big girls*:
Try to keep the look more polished by wearing clean jeans rather than destroyed jeans. You can wear skinny but it has to be with pointed heels so you don't look 'hipp-ie'. To pull off the oversized sweater, pair it with a long necklace. Steer clear of the shorter ones as it'll draw more attention to your upper half. The longer necklaces hanging just above the belly button(that is just a funny word to me) will elongate you and not draw attention to everything the oversize sweater is covering up. 

Have a great day!!



Introducing....Big and Tall (for women)

Top: J. Crew Factory, old but really like this one - Vest: Old Navy(in-store)similar herePlus size available here - Pants: Gap, but these are way cute - Heels: Zara, old similar here - Bracelet: Sira & Mara, real deal here, similar here - Necklace: J. Crew, Factory version here

Well, well. I'm here. I'm alive. And I totally did not keep up with blogging last week Sorry!! No excuses. Let's get down to business.
I've been asked by a few friends to incorporate a "Big and Tall" version for women. I'll try to explain every now and then how the outfits I post can be tweeked so a Big and Tall woman can wear it. Like that? I thought so. I understand that every woman has different shapes so I'll try to cater to that, too. Let's get started:

The Pants:
Let's face it. If you're on the plus size, you probably haven't taken a second thought about wearing these bad boys, but you should. Find a fun print that you love. Even these horizontal stripes. The key to it is staying away from skinny cropped and sticking to slim or flared crop. The more the flare at the bottom, totally the better. The flare will keep your eye centered on your body rather than a skinny that will automatically draw the eye to your feet, therefore grounding your weight and height too much. Make sense??

The Top:
I have to be honest: You can't zip the vest! You just can't. Wear a billowy or longer slim top that goes at or just below your hips (no shorter than that!!) Layer the vest on top and flip the collar. Zipping the vest, in most cases, would actually accentuate the chest/stomach area. And if you're 'blessed' up there it just wouldn't be pretty. I totally recommend the vest, just keep it unzipped and it'll look gorg on you.

 Don't fret! Shoes with this outfit are relatively easy. The need to be open-toed, though. I understand it's hard for some women to wear some 4''+ heels, but wedges are always an easier option. Try these. They're a great option with just enough height to make the outfit look more polished but not too high to make you seem like a giant. Try to steer clear of straps that buckle around your ankle. It cuts it off and, again, draws your eye down. Stick with the wedges or sandals with a little height that buckle before the ankle. Make sense?

Hope this helps someone! I'll be sure to do more in-depth posts on "Big and Tall" women if you enjoyed this little preview. :) 
Have a great week, my loves!!



Family Vacay

Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch - Top: J. Crew Factory - Shoes: Express, similar here - Sweater Coat: MODA Int.(thrifted) craving this one

While it was soooo incredibly fun and peaceful to get away with the lova-boy and babes, we are back at it with school, work, and the Daniel Fast. Yes, THE fast. It's hard. I'm craving a Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell now....

On to better things to think about. Here's a few pics from our week away, just so this can be a somewhat longer post today. :)

We first stopped at a Hunt Lodge about 45 minutes south of Macon for the boys to hunt for a few days. Didn't see a dang thing the whole time.

But they did stay busy sighting in their guns.

While I stayed busy watching my back at every corner. 

Next stop was Atlanta! We stayed at the Hilton downtown which was perfectly placed within walking distance to many restaurants. Oh, and we stayed there on NYE. We didn't know they have their own "Peach Drop". We also didn't know the "Chick Fil A" Bowl was there either. Whoops! This was a totally last minute decision as my husband didn't realize when booking the hunt lodge and the mountain cabin that there was a day in between them so we stopped halfway in ATL to experience the real city life.

We got ready and partied like it was.......2013?

It was great to see the kids so happy!!

We were so worried that all the restaurants would be PACKED but totally lucked out when we stopped at Max Lager's. We were seated right away, and I completely recommend it. The 'Cowboy' Steak was honestly the best steak I've eaten at a restaurant. The sad part is, it was my husband's steak. Sorry, Honey!

It was so wonderful to just be a family experiencing something together, ya know what I mean? That also meant we were all OUT by 10:00 that night. No watching the ball, or peach for that matter, drop.

We got the back view of the hotel since we were so last minute with booking, but it was still pleasant.

After a night in the big city, it was time to hit the mountains. Off we go. :)




Leggings: MaxStudio via TJ Maxx, similar here - Top: LOFT, similar here - Sweater: Long Bay - Boots: Ettienne Aigner via Marshall's similar here and here- Hat: Old, similar here

Well, my family and I finally took some time off and went to the mountains for some wonderful, peaceful family time. We loved every bit of it. The kids((and my 29 year old husband) saw their first snowfall! It was absolutely priceless standing outside with them watching the flakes touch their eyelashes. Priceless! 
I'm taking care of my friend's 4 month old baby girl, Sophia, today. Brings back so many memories of when my munchkins were this little. *tear*

Happy Friday!


Top: Gap - Jacket: Banana Republic -  Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch - Boots: Ettiene Aigner - Necklace: Sira & Mara - Ring: Forever21

It has to be said that I love my blazer! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I've already worn it three times this week. I just feel like it is crisp enough to polish off a casual outfit. It's also slim enough to add a thicker coat on top if you're in a colder climate. I've worn it in several posts on here. As a Floridian, when we get the cool enough weather to wear a jacket, I jump on it like fleas on a dog. The weather helps with the hair, too. 

Happy Friday!



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope y'all had a very merry Christmas spent with good family and/or friends. We decided to stay home for Christmas since Dewey hasn't had a break from work in forever. Normally,  we would be in Tampa visiting my dad's side of the fam or in palm coast visitng Dewey's side. It was the first time we didn't have anything planned for the day........and it felt totally weird being bored on Christmas Day. Haha I'm not complaining; I actually enjoyed it. I made my first turkey and I have to say it was AMAZING! I had to bake it since we didn't have a deep fryer, so I was a little worried it would be the typical dry turkey, ya know?! No! It was so juicy and flavorful. I owe it all to the initial brining. I let it soak in salt water for about an hour(it was only a 4 lb. turkey) and rubbed some lawrys on it and baked it. DELISH, I tell ya.
I'm sure you didn't click on my fashion blog(at least, that's what it is for now) to read about Christmas turkey so I'll continue with the post. For today's post, Aubrey and I went exploring in the woods while the boys sighted in the big guns(rifles, that is, not muscles.)
Hope you're having a great week so far!! :)