Trendy Classic

Jeans: Billabong - Button Down: Forever21 - Vest: Old Navy 

I don't know about you but when I go to write a blog post, my mind drifts and wants to just talk about what's going on in life instead of fashion. Some moms have asked me if I always look like this; dressed for the day, ready to go. Heck. to the NO. As a stay at home mom, I often can be found in my PJ's or gym clothes. They're comfortable and ready for combat. By combat, I mean snotty noses and food residue. I feel that I can organize, play outside with the babes, and do projects when I'm 'run down' in sweats. Every mom can relate to me when I say that sweats and the like are the best for dealing with our daily tasks. 
     When I do leave the house, though, whether it's for a play date for the babes or meeting a client for some shopping, I will be a little more "polished". That doesn't mean I'm fake. I believe that you should dress for the occasion. If I'm scrubbing toilets, MOST of the time I'm not wearing heels or diamonds. If I'm meeting a client for decor or fashion, you probably won't find me in sneakers with no makeup. 
     A lot of women just aren't into 'the girly stuff'; the clothes, the makeup, the shopping. And that's TOTALLY fine. You do your thing, girl. However, I've heard many mommas say they used to look cute before they had kids or 'when they were younger'. Every woman goes through different seasons, so if you're in a schlump, that's fine, too. But, if your schlump has turned into a few years, it's a strong possibility you've grown too comfortable with where you are. A lot of moms feel guilty for taking the time to do their hair and makeup, or quite frankly, they're just too tired. Believe me, I totally understand! I've learned the extra hour of sleep is more valuable than curling my hair. I'm still five years behind on sleep. God, give me rest! ;) 
      I've been thinking about making videos specifically for mommas who want to be encouraged with where they are at, and where they want to be. Please email me and let me know if you want to see that. Feedback is my only way of knowing if you would watch it. If so, email me with questions you want me to answer, generally or specifically. 

I so look forward to hearing back from you!! Have a splendid day!!



Shoot with Natalie Broach Photography Pt. 2

I hope y'all enjoyed the first half of my pics, cause the second half is pretty much awesome, too! :)

When Natalie mentioned the style being etheral and elegant, I knew I wanted to wear my wedding dress. Yes, this is what I wore when I said "I do" my to husband. Loved it and don't regret it!

The backdrop was so "Lion King"-esque. The marsh blending with the trees and the hazy sky.......Yes, and Amen!

My dress is from Cache. I was never too fond of their style, but when I saw this dress in there, I knew it was the one. Ironically, I don't like the color pink very much! Here's a link to a similar one here and here


Shoot with Natalie Broach Photography Pt. 1

Natalie has been a good friend of mine for many years. In fact, after we met, we realized our growing up had intertwined with each other. Mutual friends, churches, and coincidences that make you wonder how we had never met before. That's Natalie! She has done our family photography since we had Robey and we love her style. She's willing to go with my crazy idea like we did last year.

Since Natalie is a professional photographer, she's always been too busy to create shoots that she comes up with. Her work is usually families, babies, weddings, etc.. So when she talked to me about doing a fun, quick shoot that was her idea, I was THERE, baby!
       Here is the first half of photos we shot.

Natalie was going for the etheral, sweet, and almost Ralph Lauren look.

The location was beautiful, and it was storming all that day so we were SO grateful the sun came out at the last minute.

I got a lot of good experience in for picture taking. I tried the serious 'Ralph Lauren Look'. It takes some serious talent to achieve that look so I hope I somewhat got it down!

Okay, let's talk about it! This pic is by far my Fave!!! It's like it should be hanging up in a surf shop or something, in my opinion

I couldn't decide which one I liked better, the color version or the black and white so I posted both. I have to be honest, not vain, and say my hair totally rocks here!! haha Natalie's photoshop skills are impeccable!

My sister made the flower crown using twine and fake blossoms from around her house.

I loved working with Natalie! She is always THE SWEETEST and knows what she's doing. The funny thing about these pictures is they came out looking so peaceful and sweet, but every take we would break to shake our whole bodies to get the gnats away. Oh my goodness, they were DREADFUL!! But I would totally do it everyday if I could. It was a blast
Natalie found the dress last minute at Forever 21 and it was very comfy. The bell sleeves, I think, made the whole look. A little too short for my every day living, but it totally worked for the shoot. I didn't find the exact one, but here's one that's pretty darn close.

Natalie's site, Natalie's Facebook page
Thanks for looking!