Day to Night



Shirt: J. Crew - Jeans: Billabong, similar here, but keeping my eye out for these bad boys - Sweater duster: Banana Republic via Salvation Army - Scarf: Forever21 
Outfit 2: Shirt: Same - Blazer: last worn here - Leggings: Max Studio via TJ Maxx - Shoes: Bandalino, similar here and here - Shades: Forever21

Hey y'all! So I recently fell in love with this scarf while sick in bed and shopping online to ease my nausea....side note: it doesn't help. Anyways, I found this beautiful, classic printed scarf at Forever21 and thought it would be perfect to add some sass to a day time outfit and switch it up for a night time look. Forever21 has so many great scarves(and even more in-store) that could polish off any look. They're so inexpensive, but add a nice, chic look to almost any outfit. While there are tons of ways to tie and wear a scarf, I always end up just crossing it over once and wearing it like so. 
        Scarves are the perfect piece to wear for transitioning into spring. You're already used to wearing the thicker, warmer scarves; switching it out for a lightweight, spring colored piece is any easy switch.

Have you gotten any scarves recently? What's your favorite way to wear them?



the hair

Top: Gift from grandparents' trip to Italy, similar here - Leggings: Max Studio via TJ Maxx, similar here  - Boots: ROSS, similar here - Necklace: Forever21 old, really digging this and this

Hey y'all! As you've noticed, I've been changing up my hair a bit. It grows extremely fast so, while it is still short, it's now long enough to put it in curlers. I know I have so many people asking me to do a hair tutorial video and I promise I am hearing you!!!! My computer webcam SUCKS! And I've tried it with my iphone. It didn't go over well. I'm waiting to get a good camera so I can get good video as well as possibly incorporating some home decor in, cause let's face it - good quality cameras make such a difference in home decor. If I do get a camera in the near future, you can bet I'll be saying goodbye to my hotness of a garage for the most part. :) In the meantime, do you have any great quality camera suggestions??




daytime sequins

Jeans: hand me down - Top: Target - Jacket: Express via Marshall's, similar here - Shoes: old, similar here - Bracelet: hand me down - Necklace: Christmas gift from parents. It has a tightly rolled paper with a verse on it. Love it!

I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately. Sickness has consumed our home for the last 3 weeks and we are finally in the clear. It's the typical time of year that germs are spreading everywhere, but it was also my son, Robey's, 6th birthday. I know everyone says it, but I truly cannot believe he is 6!!! Do you understand I was going to marry Wes Sellars when I was six?!!! Robey's 6. He can now view women as their potential life partner. I highly doubt that relationship will actually sustain itself through 15 more years, but there's a possibility. :)




 Trousers: GAP, similar here and here - Tunic: Choies - Bag: Cynthia Rowley, similar style - Earrings: Express - Bracelet: TJ Maxx

So, I totally feel great wearing this outfit. I feel best in wide legs and longer, looser tops. It feels so Rachel Zoe to me. I like it best because I feel on trend without showing too much skin. These days, the more skin you show, the better. I think it's great to beat a challenge by wearing something trendy without compromising.

Big girls, I'm here for ya!

How to wear this outfit:

You ready for it? Are you sure? Okay:

Don't change a thing
  • Isn't that great?! The bell bottom gives the illusion of length and, combined with the longer tunic, actually narrows your width....AKA: it makes you look thinner. I've heard many women say they don't wish they were taller when, in my opinion, I think taller is always better. :) 
  • The best choice of pants would be the darkest wash and try to get ones where the bottom hem skims the ground. 
  •  NEVER wear pants that leave 2+" of shoe heel showing. It makes your waist look wider.