.......and then there was light......and it was good

Here's the dilemma: Please excuse the real-ness of my photos. I show no shame in providing cell phone pics to show illustration in my day to day decorating. :)

I love this lamp. In fact, one of my best friends gave it to me(along with it's taller edition companion) awhile back. For the longest time, my husband has used it as his bedside table lamp and it takes up toooooooo muuuuuuuch spaaaaaace. The dude WILL NOT give up his table for a bigger, more substantial furniture piece(AKA a dresser for me to stuff his crap in :)) We also need a lamp that blends well with my lamp.

 We found a beautiful floor lamp at Ballard Designs below

Love the classic old library feel. It's from Ballard Designs and $99. We really wanted the antique bronze(the pic shows an oiled bronze) but were patiently waiting for something better cheaper to come along. Behold: Marshall's!!! I scored an almost identical lamp for $59.99!

 I think it looks much better. I can't believe I'm posting photos of my unmade, DIY'ed headboard and bed, but I figured if I don't have a nice enough camera yet to make things look "pretty" I might as well show you the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

 Eventually, I want to get a mirrored commode(that's proper English for a dresser, people) for my side and I'm kind of getting over my dark, ding walls. Color is: Benjamin Moore {Revere Pewter}Wanting to lighten it up more. Any ideas would be appreciated :)

Now if only my husband loved change as much as I do.....



Mom-Approved Ensemble: Flats & Sock Bun

Top: Love Soup{Marshall's} | Denims: Forever21{Similar here} | Flats: Rampage{currently wanting these} | Bag: Cynthia Rowley | Bubble Necklace: Etsy{Shop here}


Mom-Approved Ensemble: Shift & Sandals

 Shift Dress: Gealf{St. Augustine Boutique}| Sandals: Guess | Bag: New York Streets | Bubble Necklace: Etsy{Shop closed, but found another one here}


Mom-approved Ensemble: High waisted & Tank

Pants: Anthropologie{similar here] | Tank: Wally World{AKA Wal-Mart}| Wedges: Marshall's | Bag: Loop{Andy Warhol, similar here}| Brown Bead Necklace: Forever21 | Blue Pendant Necklace: Express | Flower Ring: Premier Jewelry


Mom-approved Ensemble: Maxi and Sandals

Top: Cynthia Rowley | Skirt: Max Studio | Sandals: Guess | Crossover bag: H&M | Watch: Relic | Necklace: Etsy | Sunglasses: Forever21

*Yes, I know I have a stain on my top. That's part of it being "Mom-approved"; machine washable. ;)



Holy Look-alike, Batman!

Melanie Dorsey

Melanie Dorsey by ashleynnicks featuring short shirts 

A couple days ago, I created a few outfits for a friend(Hi Melanie!) on Polyvore. I love Polyvore!!!! Not just because I can finally create inspiration boards{FOR FREE} but also because I have found more amazing clothing websites through Polyvore than anywhere else, including Pinterest. If you haven't  tried it out, you need to.....like now. Go! No wait! Don't! Finish my post first, then go. Back on track: Polyvore! You can see I added the turquoise J. Crew Bubble Necklace as a statement piece.
 J.Crew Bubble Necklace: $150
But wait! Is it? I clicked on the link, and what do you know? It's a lookalike! On Etsy! For $49! And not $150!!!
 Etsy Bubble Neckalce: $49
So I whipped out my debit card and swiped it. Not really. I just typed the digits. It just sounded cooler to say swipe. hehe Sidetracked again. The news gets better, yes! I received an email the next day from her saying if I buy a 2nd, she will give me a 3rd color of my choice for free!!! I'm like, "Heck Yeah!". She sells them in many differenty colors{black, yellow, cobalt, red, coral}Waiting impatiently by my mailbox everyday so I can play dress up with them! I'll do a review on them ASAP. Here's the link to her etsy