First Birthday

A few weeks ago we celebrated my daughter's first birthday. It was a great celebration! My little girl is growing up way too fast so I got my friend to capture some shots of the things I created to make her day special. I found some clever ideas on Pinterest(of course!) and I went to town.

 I hung pink balloons upside down so I didn't have to pay for helium
 I tried ONLY ONE flower the night before and no time to do the 6 others I planned. You can see the instructions I found through pinterest here. It's a lot easier than you think. I will do a post on it soon.
 I loved decorated these cupcakes. Made me feel like I was a Chef! Minus the curlers in my hair, no makeup on, using my $10 cake decorating kit, and ripping my hair out. Moving on!
 The painted Mason Jars were a huge hit. It was interesting great seeing the men drinking from them, too. :)
 I used my Mom's extra polka dot fabric she found at Joann's as a tablecloth
 Box cupcakes with homemade buttercream icing that was to die for. Recipe here

 Bacon wrapped BBQ Chicken
 Found some branches in the woods, lightly sprayed them with the leftover spray paint from the jars, and hung christmas ornaments and spray painted plastic eggs on them. It turned out better than expected!
 Mom's special crescent rolls.

 Cut up some tulle, bunched it together, glued it to the back of velcro strip, the attached some ribbon to the front. I glued the other strip of velcro to the highchair so they stick together and VOILA! Originally found the post here, but apparently that woman is supermom cause I only used the tulle I had laying around so mine doesn't look as stunning
 Another Pinterest idea! I'll be doing a post on this, as well.

 The Birthday Girl!

 What a HOOT!

 Her bestie, Cora(Left) and her cousin, Faith(Right)
So sweet!


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  1. Your party looks amazing! I love your highchair tutu. Thanks so much for backlinking it. I love the outfits you put together in more recent posts too. I host a weekly link party on Wednesdays. If you're interested stop over and join in.


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