Holy Look-alike, Batman!

Melanie Dorsey

Melanie Dorsey by ashleynnicks featuring short shirts 

A couple days ago, I created a few outfits for a friend(Hi Melanie!) on Polyvore. I love Polyvore!!!! Not just because I can finally create inspiration boards{FOR FREE} but also because I have found more amazing clothing websites through Polyvore than anywhere else, including Pinterest. If you haven't  tried it out, you need to.....like now. Go! No wait! Don't! Finish my post first, then go. Back on track: Polyvore! You can see I added the turquoise J. Crew Bubble Necklace as a statement piece.
 J.Crew Bubble Necklace: $150
But wait! Is it? I clicked on the link, and what do you know? It's a lookalike! On Etsy! For $49! And not $150!!!
 Etsy Bubble Neckalce: $49
So I whipped out my debit card and swiped it. Not really. I just typed the digits. It just sounded cooler to say swipe. hehe Sidetracked again. The news gets better, yes! I received an email the next day from her saying if I buy a 2nd, she will give me a 3rd color of my choice for free!!! I'm like, "Heck Yeah!". She sells them in many differenty colors{black, yellow, cobalt, red, coral}Waiting impatiently by my mailbox everyday so I can play dress up with them! I'll do a review on them ASAP. Here's the link to her etsy



  1. That link to the etsy site isn't working. Could you let me know what her shop name is?

    1. Hi Kristyn! When I typed the link in, it was working and now her shop is not even showing up. It's called SheaBay and her name is Karlee. I can only find her through our convos so when I click on the shop name, the same 'uh oh' page shows up...? My only guess is that everyone found out about her and she is so swamped with biz that she had to close shop till she catches up. At least I hope so cause I just gave her a hundred bucks haha!


  2. Great find! Hope the store is back up and running soon, I love this necklace!

    xo, Megan


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