Future plans

living room

Here is my living room......sort of! I have several pieces already and plan to get the rest that's on here. I have these gorgeous horse prints from my photographer friend, but still need to have them framed. That might take a while since custom framing is a ton of money. I already have the cowhide, dresser, and bergere chairs. I actually found a white sectional on craigslist a couple weeks ago but I low-balled the lady too much and she chose another lady. boooohoooo! Did I mention the worst part was that it was only $200??! I know, I love a deal so much that even when I find a steal on Craigslist, I still try to take them down. Sad, pathetic, dreamer? Anyways, hopefully I can find one soon cause I'm totally not diggin' the one I have currently. 
See what I mean? 
My current dilemma is which sconce I should place on either side of the TV....if at all all. I'm not for sure set on sconces but it would be nice to have additional accent lighting in there. Any ideas?

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  1. I love all these! Those chairs are my fav! I have been looking for the perfect set of chairs for so long! Can't wait to read more of your blog!


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