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My masculine side{Not to worry, I'm still girly}

I am in love with manly furnishings. Does that sound odd??? I've always been attracted to the 'frenchy, linen-y, white, clean, rustic' decor,

 but after scoping my own pinterest board{and my home} I realized I am very much attracted to the dark woods and grey walls, the big chesterfield sofas, and yes, the deer antlers. :)

But just like with almost everything, there should be a balance and these next few rooms have done just that.


 They are the perfect balance of finished and polished, glamorous, and chic, but mixed with rustic, lived-in, and manly!
I'm so thankful my husband gives me full reign over what goes in, on, and around our home. But I think he's thankful that I'm not overly girly
otherwise we might have some serious issues. ;)

What;s your style? Do you like the masculine look, or do you tend to go for more feminine?



  1. To be honest.... I think that all of these masculine settings definitely have a feminine flair. I love them all! Grey is one of my new favorite trends for homes and I think it looks fabulous! I don't side for either masculine or feminine. I focus on what I like and whatever that turns out to be is just fine with me!

  2. Not weird at all. All of these designs are beyond beautiful. I go for a glamor/vintage look but love the masculine look as well!

  3. I think a mix is good. Overly masculine or overly feminine is tough to take :).

  4. Love the 1st photo.. Love the interior design & furniture ♡

  5. Oh I'm with you on the gray walls, but no one else understands I'm glad I'm not alone!! :)


Thank you for your sweet words and encouragement. They mean a lot to me! :)