Trousers: GAP, similar here and here - Tunic: Choies - Bag: Cynthia Rowley, similar style - Earrings: Express - Bracelet: TJ Maxx

So, I totally feel great wearing this outfit. I feel best in wide legs and longer, looser tops. It feels so Rachel Zoe to me. I like it best because I feel on trend without showing too much skin. These days, the more skin you show, the better. I think it's great to beat a challenge by wearing something trendy without compromising.

Big girls, I'm here for ya!

How to wear this outfit:

You ready for it? Are you sure? Okay:

Don't change a thing
  • Isn't that great?! The bell bottom gives the illusion of length and, combined with the longer tunic, actually narrows your width....AKA: it makes you look thinner. I've heard many women say they don't wish they were taller when, in my opinion, I think taller is always better. :) 
  • The best choice of pants would be the darkest wash and try to get ones where the bottom hem skims the ground. 
  •  NEVER wear pants that leave 2+" of shoe heel showing. It makes your waist look wider. 


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  1. This is SO Rachel Zoe and so flattering!! I love longer looser tops...it's when I feel thinnest. And I have a pair of dark flares that make my legs feel miles long - so fun right?
    I agree that this is a universally flattering 'formula' and that the length does make a huge difference!



Thank you for your sweet words and encouragement. They mean a lot to me! :)