Family Vacay

Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch - Top: J. Crew Factory - Shoes: Express, similar here - Sweater Coat: MODA Int.(thrifted) craving this one

While it was soooo incredibly fun and peaceful to get away with the lova-boy and babes, we are back at it with school, work, and the Daniel Fast. Yes, THE fast. It's hard. I'm craving a Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell now....

On to better things to think about. Here's a few pics from our week away, just so this can be a somewhat longer post today. :)

We first stopped at a Hunt Lodge about 45 minutes south of Macon for the boys to hunt for a few days. Didn't see a dang thing the whole time.

But they did stay busy sighting in their guns.

While I stayed busy watching my back at every corner. 

Next stop was Atlanta! We stayed at the Hilton downtown which was perfectly placed within walking distance to many restaurants. Oh, and we stayed there on NYE. We didn't know they have their own "Peach Drop". We also didn't know the "Chick Fil A" Bowl was there either. Whoops! This was a totally last minute decision as my husband didn't realize when booking the hunt lodge and the mountain cabin that there was a day in between them so we stopped halfway in ATL to experience the real city life.

We got ready and partied like it was.......2013?

It was great to see the kids so happy!!

We were so worried that all the restaurants would be PACKED but totally lucked out when we stopped at Max Lager's. We were seated right away, and I completely recommend it. The 'Cowboy' Steak was honestly the best steak I've eaten at a restaurant. The sad part is, it was my husband's steak. Sorry, Honey!

It was so wonderful to just be a family experiencing something together, ya know what I mean? That also meant we were all OUT by 10:00 that night. No watching the ball, or peach for that matter, drop.

We got the back view of the hotel since we were so last minute with booking, but it was still pleasant.

After a night in the big city, it was time to hit the mountains. Off we go. :)


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