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Jeans: Billabong - Button Down: Forever21 - Vest: Old Navy 

I don't know about you but when I go to write a blog post, my mind drifts and wants to just talk about what's going on in life instead of fashion. Some moms have asked me if I always look like this; dressed for the day, ready to go. Heck. to the NO. As a stay at home mom, I often can be found in my PJ's or gym clothes. They're comfortable and ready for combat. By combat, I mean snotty noses and food residue. I feel that I can organize, play outside with the babes, and do projects when I'm 'run down' in sweats. Every mom can relate to me when I say that sweats and the like are the best for dealing with our daily tasks. 
     When I do leave the house, though, whether it's for a play date for the babes or meeting a client for some shopping, I will be a little more "polished". That doesn't mean I'm fake. I believe that you should dress for the occasion. If I'm scrubbing toilets, MOST of the time I'm not wearing heels or diamonds. If I'm meeting a client for decor or fashion, you probably won't find me in sneakers with no makeup. 
     A lot of women just aren't into 'the girly stuff'; the clothes, the makeup, the shopping. And that's TOTALLY fine. You do your thing, girl. However, I've heard many mommas say they used to look cute before they had kids or 'when they were younger'. Every woman goes through different seasons, so if you're in a schlump, that's fine, too. But, if your schlump has turned into a few years, it's a strong possibility you've grown too comfortable with where you are. A lot of moms feel guilty for taking the time to do their hair and makeup, or quite frankly, they're just too tired. Believe me, I totally understand! I've learned the extra hour of sleep is more valuable than curling my hair. I'm still five years behind on sleep. God, give me rest! ;) 
      I've been thinking about making videos specifically for mommas who want to be encouraged with where they are at, and where they want to be. Please email me and let me know if you want to see that. Feedback is my only way of knowing if you would watch it. If so, email me with questions you want me to answer, generally or specifically. 

I so look forward to hearing back from you!! Have a splendid day!!


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  1. I think that it's SO important to get out of our sweats, even if it's just to play with the kids outside/clean up various catastrophes that happen throughout the day. I lived in my sweats for the first part of mommyhood, and noticed a SIGNIFICANT change in my outlook/mood once I made an effort/while still being comfortable!!! Do I always take a shower/put on make up? HECK NO! But getting dressed distracts from all that in my opinion ;) Great post on a VERY important mom topic!!


Thank you for your sweet words and encouragement. They mean a lot to me! :)