Shoot with Natalie Broach Photography Pt. 2

I hope y'all enjoyed the first half of my pics, cause the second half is pretty much awesome, too! :)

When Natalie mentioned the style being etheral and elegant, I knew I wanted to wear my wedding dress. Yes, this is what I wore when I said "I do" my to husband. Loved it and don't regret it!

The backdrop was so "Lion King"-esque. The marsh blending with the trees and the hazy sky.......Yes, and Amen!

My dress is from Cache. I was never too fond of their style, but when I saw this dress in there, I knew it was the one. Ironically, I don't like the color pink very much! Here's a link to a similar one here and here

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  1. WOW! Amazing pictures! :) and this dress is soooo beautiful! :)


Thank you for your sweet words and encouragement. They mean a lot to me! :)