Christmas Tablescape

Today, I'm showing you a fun, colorful, and inexpensive approach to a well decorated Christmas table. I say inexpensive because I got most of the stuff(plates and flutes) from my sister. So in reality, you'd really be burning a hole in your pocket if you had to go out and buy all this. ;) My suggestion: call your sisters, friends, or mom and pull stuff together. Second suggestion: wait til after Christmas to buy the Christmas plates, and glasses, and napkin rings, and anything Christmas your jolly heart desires. You can get it for up to 90% off!!!!! I'd much rather have a crappy table one year if it means I can have an extravagantly awesome tablescape at 90% off the following year. HOLLA!

Carnations are seriously one of my favorite flowers. They're also the cheapest, too. I added white roses to the mix just to keep it nicer and not so 'cheap' looking.

I added fun straws in the West Elm flutes(years old) to give a more playful look. Tip: totally off subject, but I taught my babes how to drink out of regular cups by first introducing them to wine glasses. Sounds weird, but it's lighter than our regular drinking glasses and it's easier for their widdle, cutie, chubby hands to get a grip on with the stem. Good luck :)

We made our "Antro" inspired snow globes for 1/4 of the price a few weeks ago. I placed the extra trees that came in the pack I bought at Michael's around the table, too.

Adorable plates from Target a few years ago. My kids came up with the genius idea to add candy canes to add to the fun.
Tomorrow, I'm going to show you a more "dressed up" look for my tablescape. I hope you got inspired to be more playful and colorful in your holiday table this year. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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