Skirt: Forever21(hand me down) similar looks here and here - Top: Gap - Shoes: Unlisted(via ROSS) similar here and here - Watch: Target(Men's) - Shades: Armani Exchange - Clutch: Kohl's, old

So it has to be said that I didn't take the kids to the park in this hooch thing. In fact, I wore this to a lingerie shower. I figured it would be the most appropriate time to wear the most inappropriate thing I own-----besides my actual lingerie, of course. TMI? ;)

With that said, the sad part is, I ended up switching these smokin hot heels I have for my janky(yes, I made that word up) Rainbow sandals. My heart is breaking(and cracking up at the same time) to even write this, but I think I'm allergic to sand. Yes, you read correctly-SAND! Like the stuff that sits among the ocean. The stuff you build sand castles with. The stuff you exfoliate your skin with. Sand. I took the babes to the beach twice last week. Within minutes of our first day there, I began itching. I thought maybe it was sand fleas or something. The next day we went back and it was worse. But it was a different beach. "Okay, Ashley, so not sand fleas." There's no bite marks and I didn't do anything different with my skin routine. Used the same lotion, same sunscreen. I'm now sitting here scratching my feet, hands, and legs. My feet are the worst!! Which would make sense, because that's what made the most contact with the sand...? All to say, I had to switch out my sexy heels for some janky flip flops cause I could not scratch the itch with the straps covering them up. haha So awkward!

Has anyone ever heard of anyone being allergic to sand??? I live in Florida. I have two kids. It reaches over 100 degrees some days with serious humidity. I NEED THE BEACH, PEOPLE!!


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Thank you for your sweet words and encouragement. They mean a lot to me! :)