Get Jiggy Wit It

Every so often, I decide to get 'jiggy wit it' and wear some COLOR! If you've followed my outfits for some time, you probably know that neutrals are my best friends. As outgoing as I am, I'm actually very introverted. I think it shows in the colors you wear usually, not all the time, but usually. I feel like if I wear too many bright colors, it'll draw too much attention to me.....? Occasionally, though, I'll get the itch(did you catch that? The itch.....read my last post ;)) to bring in some fun, bright colors.

Top: Anthropologie(old) but they have great options here - Shorts: J. Crew Factory - Shoes: Target - Purse: Marshall's, but totally digging this one

Just a tip: When looking for a similar look with my sweater vest(since it's not available anymore) I didn't look for sweater vests. The look isn't in the shape of the top, it's all about the colors and pattern. So if you're ever looking for a similar look from a blogger's outfit, say a sweater vest, always keep an eye out for the effect of the sweater, not its twin. Make sense?? :)

Have a splendid weekend!!!


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