a day in the life...

Some people wonder what I do all day long. Aside from the typical lounging and eating bon bons while the maid and nanny take charge, I do occasionally get out of bed; occasionally. ;)

I start my morning around 6:15 when Tracker, our precious Lab, starts wiggling around in his kennel. That forces me to get up and take him outside. But, nature has it that I actually have to walk around with him for several minutes so he doesn't poo in the house the second we walk back in(cause it's true). 

This inevitably wakes me up to the point of making coffee and grabbing the computer. I usually spend an hour doing my bible study(currently this one), editing blog posts, and checking emails, IG, etc...

At this point, I take a moment to breathe and enjoy the fact that I'm still in my pajamas and, quite possibly, the only agenda for the day would be staying home, doing school, playing with the babes, cleaning, and maybe wander out into public. 

7:30 - Kids wake up, and I give them BIG good morning hugs and kisses welcoming them into my perfectly peaceful world. I turn on the T.V. followed by Robey arguing with me to let him watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He doesn't win. I turn it to PBS kids. Aubrey asks for Orange Juice and I continue my quiet time or editing or whatever I'm doing.

8:30 - Breakfast. Depends on the day. Sometimes it's omelets, sometimes it's cereal, oatmeal and fruit, and sometimes it's Chick fil a if we're running late for something. 

9:00 -  We begin school. We have finished our Classical Conversations for the year as it's only a 24 week schooling, but we are still finishing up Math and reading/writing. You can read more on my homeschooling here, under the homeschooling question. Some days are great, some days are more of a struggle, and some days we don't get much done. If we are driving in the car, I give him math drills or ask him to read me a book. I'll write a post more on homeschooling in the future. I will usually exercise in between giving him instructions. It's also the time I post on Instagram and Facebook. Aubrey LOVES school so I write on the chalkboard or do flash cards with her. We are learning shapes, colors, and the alphabet. Let's hope her enthusiasm for learning sticks through the years. ;)

10:00 - I'm usually getting ready or cleaning. I made a chore chart about a year and a half ago for Robey but haven't used it this year yet. I think the holidays messed me up...?

11:30 or 12:00 - Lunch! They are great eaters and not picky at all.

1:00 - By this time, I'm switching out the laundry and playing outside with the babes. I practice baseball with Robey while Aubrey practices her cheerleading skills, or we will roller blade on the driveway. Robey's getting really good at it now.

2:00 - Quiet time. If we are home all day or I know we are going somewhere that evening, I make sure the babes get about 45 minutes of 'quiet play' in their rooms. I lay down on the sofa and my body gives me exactly 18 minutes from laying down to waking up. Just the power nap I need. Totally recommend it!

3:00 - Depending on what our day looks like, I like to be fully home at least one day a week. I'm actually a home-body to the core. I'm like a covert introvert. If we are out and about, it would most likely be the pool or the beach these days.

That's my adorable niece, Faith. She and Aubrey are only 5 months apart.

These are our besties, Cora and Talan. 

If we are at home, my kids have learned to get creative......


We play Pictionary a lot in the late afternoon. It helps kick the "3:00 Schlump" everyone falls in and gets us laughing together, too. :)

5:00 - I start preparing dinner while Robey and Aubrey clean up their toys. I pick up the last minute things and vacuum the floors while turning up the TV 10x so the kids can still hear.

6:00 -  Dinner time!

This was a lazy night for me. Buitoni with sauce. BAM! I did add more spinach, though, so I guess it's slightly homemade. ;) I haven't done this in probably a year, but the hubs was super sick and I was just......well, lazy.

6:30 - Bath Time, brush teeth

7:00 - Kids' bedtime. They each get to pick out a book and I read it to them in Aubrey's bed. Most days, especially if Dewey isn't home yet, I'll lay down with them until they fall asleep. It's nice to reflect on the day when all is quiet. Sometimes I'm too hard on myself and sometimes I'm too hard on them, so I feel like it helps me clear my head and better prepare for the day ahead.

7:45 - Steam the floors. Enough said.

8:00 - Check emails, messages, and post to IG if I have a blog post that day.

8:30 - Hubby time! We usually watch a movie or show(Dewey likes The Voice) while I work on things for clients and friends on the laptop.  yada yada yada ;)

10:30 - Beditme for Momma

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